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Consulting - Services:
  • Business + Brand + Product Development

  • Merchandising + Planning

  • Marketing + PR + Events

  • Styling + Visuals

  • Strategic + Financial Planning

  • Operations

  • Store Design + New Store Openings

  • Staff - Training + Management

  • Diversity

  • Resources + Infrastructure

Coaching Service:

Working with a client as a coach on a regular schedule to look forward and plan growth while navigating the hiccups that arise in the process.  Together we push past boundaries and achieve goals.  The coach guides with an extra set of eyes to give a fresh and important perspective on the business.  A perspective that is free of emotion and offers the benefit of accountability while checking in to make sure the client is living their best life, in a holistic way.  Together we embrace the chaos, find focus and dream big.  Working with a coach can be a key to success since today an entrepreneur has to wear many hats. The process is an investment, it should not be a luxury but a priority to achieve goals, make decisions quicker, perform more efficiently and release self-doubt.

Management-One, helps small to large, single to multi-store independent retailers succeed by showing how to get a better return on investment in inventory and people. One of the most powerful and smart ways to manage inventory and cash flow is by using Retail Orbit, a dynamic inventory planning program created by Management-One. Retail stores trust Management-One for accurate inventory and sales planning. 


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Management One:

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