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"Leigh Stackpole, another of the neighborhood's neo- pioneers when she moved her Gimme Shoes to Hayes Street in 1992.

Stackpole was one of the first to recognize the potential of this neighborhood. As more cutting-edge clothiers and salons followed Stackpole to Hayes Valley, the block around Powell's changed.

Thirty years ago, the restaurant was surrounded by liquor stores. Now it is engulfed in Italian shoes, trailed by shoppers from all over the region. 

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Since opening the first Gimme Shoes, co-owners Jared Warwick and Leigh Stackpole have and continue to feed the constant cravings of San Francisco's shoe obsessed (and they've converted a few along the way, too). We're certainly believers. Gimme is, without fail, well stocked with everything from intellectual British to funky-forward Euro footwear.
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